m a n d a l a s


For me, mandalas are a doodling meditation.  I often create them while alone in public spaces . Whether drawing in my sketchbook or using materials form my surroundings, through the ordered predictability of each layer, my mind moves toward calm. I also find mandalas to be an exercise in decision making and commitment....once you lay it down, you gotta go all around!!  My radially-symmetric, blossoming patterns are inspired by the geometry of organic forms.

Sitting inside ‘Three Gems’: a work by James Turrell

De Young Sculpture Garden, San Francisco, CA.

Painted wall mural inside KAUARA’s former practice space. Oakland, CA.

Waiting at the DMV. San Francisco, CA

On a train from Prague to Berlin

Borrowed chalk around a storm drain. Union Square, NYC.


Drawing on a restaurant table after performing with

Conspiracy of Venus  at the Dublin’s Women Prison. CA

Watching the final game of the World Cup

Brew n’ View, Asheville, NC

‘Besheret’ Dry-Point Etching Series

Wedding Gift design for ephryme and his sweetie.

Asheville Bookworks, NC.

Thank-You Card for one of my 5th grade students

(she had made me lovely personalized birthday card)

Watercolor and paint pen on a parasol.

Sonoma, CA


Indigo Dye/Batik:  Kyoto, Japan