Sonoma, 03 - 2011

The parasol. What a perfect canvas for a mandala!! It was such a cathartic joy to work outside, beneath a walnut tree just as spring was bursting forth. 


Closed.                                                                                     Open.

Center and circumference detail.  I like how the yellow and orange  center ring grew thicker on one side.

It was quite a process figuring out an effective set-up. The neck of the parasol is resting in the slot of a stool. Instead of moving myself around the circle, I  discovered that rotating the parasol with my left hand was more more efficient.

Making a flower bloom in the grass. My legs got scratched up pretty good from the tall green blades, but I didn’t notice much a the time.

After the sun set, I went to work in the barn, converted into a ceramics studio. My back was relieved to now be working in a standing position.

I am happy to report that the barn is also home to the incomparable Miss Molly and Polly. Exceptional company to have while putting on the finishing touches.