c o l l a g e

( with occasional pen )


I have been cutting things up and piecing them back together since i was a teenager.  Collage is medicine. If I am confused or overwhelmed by my emotions it is often through the process of collage that I am able to unveil insights and find clarity.  Juxtaposition and symbolism make my mind dance.   What to you see?

Made from a National Geographic Issue on Soy Beans. Friend gathering, Russian River, CA

Made for a Screen Printing workshop in Berlin.

Mostly from a lace catalogue found in a free-box.

A challenge of using only seven components. Friend’s house.

One of Two.   Early Days.  Made from a Portland Mercury  Newspaper.

Two of Two. Early Days. Made from a Portland Mercury  Newspaper.

‘Study Totem’ for a dear friend entering grad school.

CD sleeve and insert for a pen pal project (also with gold thread) . 

Collage date with a then, new friend. There was a pooling of images.